Microbial Aeration

Soil Microbial Aeration Benefits

Reduce Soil Compaction with Microbial Aeration

Soil Builder is a natural, carbon-based food source for microbes in the soil which promotes soil aeration and healthy plant growing. By feeding the microbes living in the soil, Soil Builder breaks up the hard clay and reduces compaction, improving the growing characteristics of the soil.   This product is perfect for areas where it is difficult to get a mechanical aerator, or for times of the year when aeration is not recommended, such as the springtime. It also works well for trees and in flower beds with compacted soil.

Compacted soil (left) compared to soil enhanced by microbial aeration (right). Considerable increase in root structures and decreased compaction of the soil.

Lawn Aeration without Machines

This is the perfect product for aerating lawns WITHOUT use of a mechanical aerator. Soil builder allows us to get to areas such as root dense areas beneath trees, areas you cannot reach with a mechanical aerator and flower beds. The application is far less evasive than using an aerator which can damage irrigation, dog fence, shallow underground utilities. Not to mention the mess it leaves behind when done. The granular formula is designed to feed the microbes in the soil and use their life cycle to add space to the soil and make nutrients available for plants.


  • Increases Soil Microbial Activity
  • Decreases Soil Compaction
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Enhances Root Growth & Proliferation
  • Increases Chlorophyll Production
  • Increases Photosynthesis
  • Improves Survival Rate of New Plantings
  • Predictable Results
  • Multi-Year Performance (apply any time of the year, multiple times if needed)
  • No mess left behind
  • No damage to irrigation, underground wires/utilities, driveways or walks.


Granular Microbial

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